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Mechano-Deen Quality Pays Off

Company Services

- Engineering design and design-to-manufacture those are seen by us as the most important company products.
- Machining of all available metals with specialization in hard metals.
- Technical support during all stages of product development - design, prototype creation, serial production.

- Manufacture and design documentation.
- Mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies in compliance with aviation standards.
- thermal treatments, sharpening, finishing, painting, whetting.
- Logistic system to support the manufacturing process until the product is safely delivered


The technology leverage of manufacturing

- 5-axes machines, enabling high precision products.
- Ability to perform “mechanical sculpting in wide range of sizes from several mm and up to 3 meters.
- Expertise in production of parts, assemblies and subassemblies.
- Prototype manufacture in short timeframes with high level of finish, completed under supervision of engineering department.
- Advanced verification process that includes CMM (XYZ) measuring machine human hair wigs

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get"   Warren Buffett